Argyll Sheds can build you heavy duty sheds of all kinds

Client designed sheds built on site

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Argyll Sheds

We can build you heavy duty sheds of all kinds.

We use 22mm exterior treated sarking to create our double life sheds. We can also work in tin, sheeting or stone.


We specialize in client-designed sheds giving you the power to create a shed to fit your space

Choose your own:

We use 22mm exterior treated sarking to create our double life sheds.

Double life sheds

Our double life sheds are built by hand giving you the chance to design every detail

We can prepare your shed site and build your shed on your premises to minimise disruption and solve access problems

We will hand build a heavy duty frame to suit your size or space

We clad the frame in 22mm thick, exterior treated sarking

We re-treat all the cut ends during the building process

You choose how you would like the cladding designed

We can line the walls with membrane for you.

You can choose sizes of windows and materials used, incorporate security or privacy features such as clouded Perspex windows or shutters.

Choose your own design of door including hinges and latches

Decide how you would like your roof including pitch and apex designs, guttering and roofing materials, we can offer you corrugated metal roofing for extra long life.

We can include deep eaves or a projected roof to give you extra storage areas.

We can build shelving, work surfaces or hooks into your shed

We can also build stone sheds, kit sheds and sheeted or clad sheds, your choice.

We specialise in difficult access sites

We can talk you through the design and planning process to create a shed that is uniquely suitable for your purposes.

kit sheds

Kit Sheds

In addition to our client designed, double life sheds we offer three sizes of kit shed. These can be supplied and delivered, or supplied, delivered and built.

We can supply kits in the following sizes:

6ft x 4ft

£330.83 + vat and delivery

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8ft x6ft

£465.00 + vat and delivery

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10ft x 8ft

£716.00 + vat and delivery

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All kit sheds have a double Perspex window, fitting kit, floor and roof felt included. The 10×8 kit shed has double doors.

Garden sheds built to suit your needs

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Completed projects built to the clients’ instructions

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